Block Reward Reduction

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April 21st

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May 3rd

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Total votes cast 14154025.168258
  • Yes - 13555466.524659
  • No - 598558.643599

On April 18, 2024 (UTC)

Users who hold KMD in a non-custodial wallet like Komodo Wallet will receive special tokens (KIP0002) that can only be used specifically for voting. Trading KIP0002 tokens is prohibited and where detected will result in nullification of the traded KIP0002 balance.The amount of tokens you receive is 1:1 based on how much KMD is held in your wallet.Note that if you hold KMD in custodial wallets (i.e. Binance exchange or other CEXs), you will not receive tokens, and CEXs aren’t allowed to participate in the voting process.The exact block height/time of the snapshot won't be announced ahead of time. We will announce the snapshot block height once it has been completed.

On April 21, 2024

KIP0002 tokens will be airdropped, and the poll starts.

On May 3, 2024

The poll ends with the first notarized block (inclusive) after May 3, 23:59:59 UTC.
For info on supported wallets and how to vote, please visit the Komodo Platform blog.

Poll (2 options)

Should KMD's Block Reward be reduced?

Find the explorer for this poll's Vote Chain at

QR code -Yes

Reduce block reward from 3 KMD to 1 KMD

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QR code -No

Keep block reward as 3 KMD